3D Artკრეატივიკულტურამოდა და სტილიპოპ კულტურასურათებიშემზარავიცხოვრების სტილი

60 წარმოუდგენლად რეალისტური 3D ტატუები

ეს პოსტი პირველია თავის კატეგორიაში ჩვენს ბლოგზე და იმედი გვაქვს, რომ გაამართლებს. ეს ყველაფერი კი ჩვენს მომხმარებელზე იქნება დამოკიდებული, თუ მოგეწონათ ეს პოსტი გაგვიზიარეთ თვენი აზრი კომენტარის სახით, თუ გინდათ რომ შემდეგშიც იხილოთ მსგავსი პოსტები.

ახლა კი წარმოგიდგენთ ტატუ ესკიზებს, რომელიც ყველას მოგხიბლავთ და სუვილს გაგიჩენთ, რომ თქვენც დაიხატოთ მსგავსი ნახატები.

იხილეთ ფოტოები :

Would Love To Keep Doing Pieces Like This With The "Old" Tattoos
Finally Got The Tattoo I’ve Always Wanted
Small Realistic Tattoo
Amazing Cat Tattoo. It's An Awesome Work, It Pops Off The Skin
This Optical Illusion Is Perfect As A Tattoo
Amazing Glass Tattoo
Not An Everyday Thing, But Very Enjoyable
Sorry To The People Who Get Creeped Out By This One, But I Like It
Impressive Realistic Tattoo Filled With 3D Blocks
Would Love To Have This One Too
Skull I Did 2 Days In A Row
Incredibly Beautiful Chest Tattoo
Tattoo By Danny And Domestic’s Tattoos Mossend Scotland
Cover Up From Today
This Piece Symbolize The Strength That Is Needed To Free Yourself From Pain. It Represents The Inner Power Required To Free Our Mind And Truly Let Go
For The One Who Can't Live Without Fishing
Progress Shot Of This Fun Piece I Started Today
This One Is So Beautiful
3D Tattoo
Had Fun Doing This Piece Yesterday On And Awesome Client
3D Tattoo
3D Pink Floyd Piece
3D Needle Tattoo
After 2 Sessions Totaling 12 Hours Of Work. The Damper Is Fully Healed. The Background Was Made In The Freehand With No References
Now This Was Fun, One Of The Best Requests Yet. A Sloth, Riding Stewies Big Wheel, Out Of An Optional Illusion
Amazing Realistic Tattoo Artwork
We Spent Close To 8 Hours On The Stencil For This Thing
Amazing Tattoo
This Really Makes Me Want A Tattoo For Myself
3D Hook Tattoo
Simple And Clean. Sometimes It’s Not About What You Put Inside The Piece But Focusing On The Effect Itself
Arrow Tattoo
Realism Tattoo
Collaboration Of Two Tattoo Artist For This Amazing Piece
Had The Opportunity To Add Onto His Awesome Collection The Other Day
Ripped Canvas Iceberg Tattoo
Galaxy Piece From Today
Did This Fun Tattoo Yesterday
Some Runic Engraving Today
Can't Say It Isn't Terrifying
This Is Unbelievable
3D Compass Tattoo
Realism Tattoo
This One's Even Creepy
Now Serving Creepy Crawlies At Your Leisure
Goku Loves The 3D Effect Of This Tattoo
Fun Little Piece From Last Night
Black Hole By Justin Egan, Sin In Skin Ink
Good Bit Done On This Torso Piece
The More You Look At It, The Scarier It Gets
Scratched Chest Tattoo
Nice 3D Tattoo
My Amazing Neck Piece. I Seriously Am So Impressed And So Happy - 4 Hours Of Pain Was Totally Worth It
Little Cute Rainbow
Realistic Tattoo
Completely Freehand Flying Perspective Cubes, With Inner Galaxy. And Two Large Cover-UPS Underneath
3D Tattoo
Have You Read The Tale Of The Scorpion And The Frog?
Bio-Mechanical Arm Tattoo
3D Macaroon Tattoo
Oreo Tattoo

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